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Bypass Surgery, A Band-Aid Solution To A Major Problem – Is There An Alternative?

Bypass Surgery, A Band-Aid Solution To A Major Problem – Is There An Alternative?

Bypass surgery is the most frequently performed major surgery in the United States with about five hundred thousand operations per year. The cost of such a procedure is roughly fifty thousand dollars, so Americans spend twenty five billion dollars per year on this band-aid solution.

It is not an exaggeration to say that America has a heart disease epidemic on it’s hands. Heart disease is caused by the build up of cholesterol in the arteries. When this buildup hardens it is called plaque. Plaque buildup narrows the arteries causing a restriction of blood flow to the heart. After this comes the heart attack and the late night prayer vigils at the loved ones sick bed.

If your cholesterol is high – and it probably is if you are a normal American – you will probably experience at least one heart attack in your life. You will also experience one of the major operations of our age – bypass surgery. This surgery will certainly relieve the pain in your chest but will do nothing to stop the closing of your arteries caused by plaque buildup. Indeed the surgeon bypasses the clogged artery but then the atherosclerotic plaque buildup begins at an accelerated pace on another stretch of arteries.

America’s high fat, high cholesterol, animal based diet is the exact cause of our epidemic of heart disease. The wage paid for our tremendous love affair with the flesh and bi-products of hormone and antibiotic laden tortured animals is nothing less than a scourge on our society.

Unless bypass survivors absolutely refrain from eating fats and cholesterol it is almost certain that there will be another trip to the surgeons table and another bypass operation. Of course every heart attack is potentially fatal so bypass unfortunates are truly on borrowed time. And remember that bypass surgery ultimately provides little more than a temporary relief from chest pain. It by no means cures the problem.

There is a solution however, and it is very simple, and very effective. It is not a temporary pain relieving operation that actually accelerates the build up of plaque in the arteries either. The solution is merely a change of diet. When a heart disease patient adheres to a strictly no cholesterol diet, the amount of cholesterol in the blood will rapidly normalize to safe levels. Very shortly thereafter the amazing human body will start the healing process of the hard and stiff arteries. This is not a temporary fix but rather it is a complete reversal of the very cause of heart disease.

If the idea of a fatal heart attack worries you from time to time as it should, you would be wise to make an appointment to have your blood cholesterol level checked. If you regularly consume animal products, it is almost a certainty that your cholesterol is too high and you are a prime candidate for a heart attack. Instead of giving your life savings to buy the heart surgeon a new Mercedes, why not start saving money at the supermarket and begin a heart healthy diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, seeds, and nuts. You will find this cuisine to be extremely satisfying, tasty, relatively inexpensive, and most importantly it won’t kill you.

Why not take control of your health the easy way and hang around long enough to enjoy your grandchildren? The surgeon might not be all that excited about your new diet, but certainly our animal friends and your loved ones will be.