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How to Know Your Package is Safe

Millions of packages are shipped across the world every single day. These packages may be shipped by boat, airplane, or truck over short distances or long distances. Every package is unique and generally contains something of value to the person who ordered the package, whether that person is a consumer or a business. In order to make sure these valuable items are packaged and shipped properly, companies will often perform tests on their packaging to make sure their performance is appropriate in even rough conditions.

Environmental Conditioning

The first step to ensuring that a package, container, or packaging component is ready for distribution is to conduct tests inside environmental chambers that are designed to go through different levels of temperature and humidity. The tests are generally formulated on a specific distribution cycle and for specific durations of time. This is a critical test to ensure that the proper packaging is able to protect products during distribution.


After environmental conditioning tests have been approved, there is generally the stage of distribution testing. This is a process where the package is simulated in a distribution environment similar to what the package will go through at the time of distribution. These tests include, but are not limited to, impact/drop testing, vibration testing, loose load vibration, and compression testing.

Horizontal and Incline Testing

Packages will also be tested for resistance due to railcar coupling, forklift handling, or truck docking. Known as horizontal impact testing, this test can help fine-tune the velocity and pulse of impact on the packages. Additionally, packages may be subject to go through incline testing, which tests the ability the package has to withstand sudden impacts or other forces that may crush or compact the package.

Package testing is a standard procedure to ensure the safe and proper distribution of valuable products. This can help ensure that the consumer and the producer has a steady flow of products with minimal cause for accidents.