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Diets To Lower Cholesterol – 5 Ways to Lower Cholesterol That Will Change Your Life

Diets To Lower Cholesterol – 5 Ways to Lower Cholesterol That Will Change Your Life

Using healthy diets to lower cholesterol is quite simply the most effective, non medicinal method to lower cholesterol. Scientific advancement in the study of nutrition, weight loss and cardiovascular health means that we can accurately assess the best methods to look after yourself and in particular your heart. Using good, low cholesterol diets to lower cholesterol are unanimously agreed upon to be the most efficient way.

Adopting healthy diets to lower cholesterol is a simple process, however it does require a certain degree of determination on your part to be effective. Ultimately you will be making changes to your life. Anything from relatively benign changes, such as using white wine vinegar to prevent food sticking to your pan whilst cooking to completely cutting out fatty foods like roasted meats and steak and dairy products like donuts and cakes. How far you change your diet ultimately depends on how bad your cholesterol level is or how far you are willing to use diets to lower cholesterol.

Lowering your cholesterol using diets won’t solve your problems immediately and is not to be viewed as a quick fix. However, it will provide you with a long term solution. Once you have instigated the changes, you will be able to see and feel the results; you will be slimmer, have a healthier body, with lower blood pressure and a reduced resting heart rate.

There are of course other changes that you can make as well as diets to lower cholesterol. Poor physical fitness and being overweight also contribute to high cholesterol. As do vices such as heavy drinking and smoking. Use the following methods to supplement your change of diets to lower cholesterol:

1. Eat more soluble fibre, nuts, fruit, vegetables and oily fish as a start.

2. Eat less saturated fat, like red meats, cakes and butter. Use the ingredient list on the packaging to guide you whilst purchasing your food. If what you are buying has more saturated fats than unsaturated fats in, then avoid it.

3. Exercise a minimum of 4 times a week for a minimum of 40 minutes a time. This only requires you to raise your heart rate to approximately 130-140 beats per minute for the entire period. It doesn’t mean you have to train like an Olympic sprinter for the duration.

4. Stop smoking

5. Stop drinking – okay, not altogether admittedly, but if you are what your Doctor would classify as a heavy drinker (you know who you are), then you must cut down.

There you have a pr?�cis of the best ways to supplement diets to lower cholesterol. Not all of them are easy to follow I admit and this is why I said at the start you would require a little self determination if you were serious about lowering your cholesterol levels. But, they all work and their benefits will last a lifetime if adhered to.