Month: April 2017

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Using Stem Cell Therapy to Address Injuries, Reproductive and Genetic Medical Issues

For the last few years, use of stem cell therapy has generated a lot of interest because of their wide range of applications. Stem cell therapy has been used to address cancer menace, fertility, and genetic issues. Despite gaining a lot of popularity due to their ability to solve reproductive and genetic puzzles, stem cell therapy has also generated its controversies. Use of stem cells to make it possible for gay couples to reproduce has also been received a lot of backlashes.

What is adult stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy refers to the use of either embryonic or adult …

General Articles

Finding Healthcare Helpers Who Will Come to Your Loved One’s Home

It can be scary to leave a loved one alone in their home if you are not sure if they are capable of taking care of their own needs. No one wants to leave their family member alone in their home only to find out that they are suffering because they are unable to handle some of the tasks that they used to be able to handle. You might feel as if your only options are to leave your loved one alone or to take care of them yourself. You might not have time to dedicate to them, but you …

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Why the England Sevens are training with ostrich eggs

With rugby often referred to as ‘egg-chasing’, it might come as no surprise to hear that the England Sevens squad is incorporating ostrich eggs into its training in the build-up to the World Rugby Sevens Series Hong Kong leg.

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Hand-eye coordination

The super-sized eggs, which weigh roughly two kilogrammes each, are being used as a tool to improve skills at a basic level for the squad. No one wants to be the one to drop an egg, due to all the associated mess, and the squad is seeing improvements in hand-eye coordination. This simple innovation is making …

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You Do Not Have to Suffer Spinal Pain Any Longer

According to ACA, there are over 31 million people who experience some type of back pain. There are also millions of people all around the United States who suffer spinal cord injuries that result in severe back pain. There are people in the workforce who end up injuring their back during a strenuous activity or they simply end up injuring their back over time. However, it is that you injured your back or your spinal cord, it is critical that you receive the necessary care in order to prevent your life from being consumed with pain. When you are …