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Don’t Let Your Life Suffer With Diabetes – Learn How to Control Your Diabetes

Don’t Let Your Life Suffer With Diabetes – Learn How to Control Your Diabetes

Did your world turn upside down when you first learned you have diabetes? You may have assumed everything will change for the worse and you will never be able to recover. Our response is two words: “Not necessarily”. We will recommend many lifestyle changes that assure proven results, provided you stay with us and act on our experts’ advice. Of course, you should always work with your healthcare professional when implementing new ways of managing your diabetes.

Control your Diabetes – What lifestyle changes I should adopt?

Starting with the most efficient change – which, if introduced into your lifestyle can get everything back on routine – is regular exercise. It is easy, enjoyable and efficient. Making exercise a part of your daily routine bears fruits like no other remedy to control your diabetes. These exercises are simple and fun. Since we know that over exerting yourself can lead towards major impediments, and we care about your well-being, we will suggest very light exercises.

Control your diabetes with our suggested exercises.

The first of the three exercises we have especially designed for you are cardiovascular exercises. Fulfilling the requirement of being a non-rigorous, you have two options in cycling and water aerobics. The recommended duration is from twenty minutes to an hour for three to four days a week to achieve the needed vigor, oomph and encouragement.

The next exercise we devised is resistance training. Consisting of low intensity and low resistance programs, they require you to do just ten to fifteen repetitions for two to three days a week. They will give your body defined shape and you will acquire slender and toned muscles.

Flexibility and stretching comes as the final exercise. Stretching is to be practiced as little as two to three days a week, three to five stretches per sitting, for merely twenty to thirty seconds per stretch. This will get your body the knack of being flexible and agile. Stretch lightly for thirty seconds to one minute before and after exercising. At this time, your muscles are warm will make your body flexible like it was never before.

How can you simply control your Diabetes?

Studies conducted by experts have proved that cinnamon and gymnema sylvestre are capable of doing wonders to diabetes patients, as they are known to lower the glucose levels in the body. It is for this reason that people who are on diabetes management regiments consume them because they help control Type II diabetes, in addition to bring down the triglyceride levels and LDL cholesterol levels in the body. It is further possible that gymnema sylvestre will even lead to creation of more beta cells by prompting the pancreas. Beta cells provide the body with insulin; moreover, gymnema sylvestre may also form a greater number of body cells than before to respond to the insulin in a better way.