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With Advanced Dental Technology, You Can Have a Beautiful Smile

Dentistry is a part of medicine that helps individuals with prevention, diagnosis and treatments that are in the mouth. Dentists find diseases, conditions and disorders of the teeth, mouth and tissues pertaining to the jaw and facial area. 

Dental treatments are usually taken care of by a team that consists of a dentist, dental hygienists, assistants and technicians. Dentists work in private practice, institutions and at hospitals. Most private dentists take care of the whole family for all their dental care. If they need specialists, the family dentist can assist in who to see and will keep in touch with your progress. 

Dental Public Health deals with the promotion of oral health and the prevention of oral disease. Dental public health deals with effective solutions to improve the health of the population and not individuals. They deal with school systems by training the youth of today to take care of their teeth in order to prevent major problems as they get older. 

Any good family dentist Durham NC will provide dental care for the whole family. They take care of children and adults who may need many different services. Having a dentist that takes care of the whole family will save you time from having to run to different offices. 

Going to a family dentist will give you comprehensive team care by the dentist, technicians and hygienists to develop a treatment plan that is set up just for your needs. You will have a wide range of services from cleanings, brightening, fixing broken teeth, taking care of cavities and helping with a faded smile. Minor issues will be taken care of properly before they become major problems. 

If you or a family member is suffering from a damaged tooth, lost filling or painful gums, your family dentist can solve the problem and give you a stress-free treatment to make you comfortable. You will receive the most accurate and effective care from the dentists, technicians and hygienists for your problem. Whether you need fillings or a root canal, patients will get great care so they can enjoy healthy teeth and a great smile for many years. 

No matter how well you take care of your teeth, problems happen and you could suffer from a physical ordeal that leaves you with a chipped tooth, weakened or missing teeth. These problems could lead to bone degeneration, misalignment of some teeth or even more tooth loss. Your local dentist can help you with treatment plans for crowns, veneers, bridges, dental implants or dentures. These procedures can restore your oral health and your appearance. They will also keep your bite aligned properly and keep bordering teeth from becoming unstable. 

Your family dentist can also take care of issues in between your regular check-up dates. If you have an abscess, infected gums, cavities that are bothering you or a tooth decay, your dentist can treat you and take care of all your issues. If you need broken dentures fixed, have a cracked tooth or a cavity, you should call your dentists and have it taken care of right away. By ignoring a small problem, it could lead to a larger and more expensive problem.