Month: August 2017

General Articles

Why Your Child May Need A Hearing Specialist

According to the NIH, there are more than 90 percent of deaf children who are born to parents who have absolutely no hearing issues at all. In addition, there are about 2-2 out of every 1,000 kids in America who are born with a hearing issue in either one of their ears or both of their ears. There are many children who experience hearing losses for many different reasons. Many of those reasons are medical-related and we have absolutely no control over it. It is critical for parents to become more educated and aware of the possibility of their child …

Global Health

Waste Management Mistakes: Don’t Let Them Happen to You!

At Oates Environmental, environmental damage weighs heavily on our shoulders. Our goal is to help UK businesses dispose of their waste legally and safely. From illegal dumping and poor labelling to over-accumulation and poor containment. Today, we examine some pressing waste management mistakes and ways to avoid them. Learn more about our services at

Illegal Hazardous Waste Dumping

The most obvious waste management mistake, it is never acceptable to dump waste illegally. There are innumerable environmental catastrophes that can result from illegal dumping. Water supplies poisoned, animal populations killed off, land contamination, even damage to human health is …