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Symptoms You May Get With Type 2 Diabetes

Symptoms You May Get With Type 2 Diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes are not always present with type 2 diabetes, but when one is noticed, it should be checked out by your doctor. So many people ignore these signs of diabetes for years and end up with damage to their body that could have been prevented.

A type 2 diabetics cells are partly closed to the sugar in the blood and this causes it to build up and cause these common signs. Here are the more common symptoms of diabetes. Many people with diabetes urinate more often because the body is getting rid of extra sugar through the urine. This is what causes them to be extra thirsty.

Blurry vision is caused by the high amount of sugar in the blood that pulls fluid from out of the tissues of the body, including the fluid in the eyes. This effects the ability of the eyes to focus. Tingling in the hands and feet is caused by the small blood vessels being damaged by high levels of sugar in the blood and not being able to supply the nerves. This can also lead to numbness in the hands and feet.

Sores not healing is a common problem of diabetics and should always be checked by a doctor. This can even lead to loss of a limb if not treated. Dry, itchy skin is a result of the lack of fluid because the body is using the fluid to get rid of extra sugar in the blood. A diabetic must drink more water.

Type 2 diabetes usually begins at middle age or older and the symptoms develop over a period of time, so you might not notice them right away. This is an important reason to get a check up at least once a year.