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How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally – No Medication Required

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally – No Medication Required

If you looking for how to lower cholesterol naturally, you probably have the same mindset that I have. It makes no sense to put chemicals in your body that are known to create problems with the liver and kidneys when a few simple changes in your diet will quickly bring down those high lipid levels.

You see, by increasing the amounts of high fiber, low cholesterol foods in your diet you will quickly begin to improve your cholesterol readings. These same foods will help you lose weight, have more energy and make life more enjoyable. Medication on the other hand, is effective at lowering cholesterol, but will do nothing to address the underlying causes such as a high fat low fiber diet and the weight gain that goes along with it.

Let’s take a look at how to lower cholesterol naturally and some of the low cholesterol foods that are most effective. The place to begin is by eliminating (as much as possible) red meats and high-fat dairy products. When you do consume beef, make sure that it is the leanest cuts possible such as sirloin or tenderloin.

However, a low-fat diet such as this is only part of the equation. The real key to naturally lowering cholesterol levels is found in fiber. High fiber, low cholesterol foods such as broccoli, spinach and beans are among the most effective.

Some of the best low cholesterol meats are turkey, chicken, and fish. It may sound paradoxical, but the healthiest fish to eat are those with high fat content such as salmon and tuna. These contain a higher nutrient content as well as high amounts of essential fatty acids that have been shown to help lower triglycerides.

Why is fiber so important? Increasing the amount of fiber in your diet naturally accomplishes two things. First of all, cholesterol attaches itself to fiber in the intestines, eliminating it from the body before it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Another wonderful thing about soluble fiber found in the foods we eat is that it actually stimulates the liver into absorbing increased amounts of cholesterol from the bloodstream.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of adding high fiber, low cholesterol foods to your diet if you are serious about lowering your cholesterol without using medication. I encourage you to visit my website to learn more about diets, foods, supplements and lifestyle changes that will improve the quality of your life while bringing your lipid readings down to an acceptable level.