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How Kiwi Fruit Benefits Diabetes

How Kiwi Fruit Benefits Diabetes

Kiwi fruit is known for its numerous health benefits and the recent findings suggest that it can play a significant role in treating diabetes.

Diabetes is one of those illnesses that take its toll on almost every aspect of our lives. It straightaway puts us into a confinement with strict diets and brings several changes to our normal and natural lifestyle. Not to forget, it eventually tends to give rise to several other problems and that includes affecting vital organs of our body.

Kiwi Fruit Is Low in Sugar

Some citrus fruits are known to be very minimal on sugar content and few actually do not have any glucose, fructose or any others types of carbohydrates. We are completely aware that high glucose content in our blood leads to diabetes and once developed, it is imperative to avoid all forms of glucose rich or carbohydrate rich food items.

Unfortunately, almost every food item has carbohydrates and fruits are no exception. There are very few food items we know that have absolutely none or negligible amount of carbohydrates. The most favorite fruits which are also very beneficial for human health like apples and bananas have decent amount of sugar levels and that must be avoided to cure diabetes. At the same time, you also need to ensure that you do not run a deficit of essential nutrients that the body needs.

Kiwifruit is extremely low in its fructose (sugar) content, as a matter of fact; it is negligible compared to the quantity of other nutrients. 100 grams of kiwifruit contains about 7-8 grams of sugar which is lesser than any other fruit that we normally consume. On the other hand, 100 grams of kiwifruit contains more than 200 milligrams of vitamins which is much higher than what other fruits have to offer. The low Glycemic Index (53) of Kiwi fruit confirms scientifically to what extent it can benefit you if you are suffering from diabetes.

Kiwi Fruit Enhances the effect of Insulin

There are numerous cases of diabetes where doctors do not see the desired effect of Insulin in the diabetic’s body. There are many reasons for the same, one of which is the body’s natural low sensitivity to the drug. Kiwifruit contains Inositol which significantly enhances the effect of Insulin. Conclusively, Kiwi fruit can have serious benefits in the treatment of diabetes besides, having a preventive effect if one starts consuming the fruit before being diagnosed with high blood sugar.

Other Benefits for People with Diabetes

It is now well known that Kiwi fruit helps to maintain a healthier heart, liver and also boosts our natural immune system. In many diabetics, weak or unhealthy organs pose a lot of problems in the treatment of diabetes. There have been thousands of reported cases where a certain malfunctioning organ has prevented the treatment of diabetes and has practically made it incurable. Also, diabetes leads to multiple problems in different vital organs of the body. Kiwi fruit helps to keep the vital organs healthy and thereby offers additional benefits to people suffering from diabetes.