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Modern Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine

Lately, more and more alternative healers who promote their services in the media. Generally, they offer some of the “excess” that is not found on style treatment of medical science, and I’m sure you never find the medicine that combines alternative medicine with medical treatment. But you have to check this holistic MD in Los Angeles first, and then you can continue your read.

First, alternative healers that promote their services in the media, claim can treat a variety of diseases, ranging from hemorrhoids, hernia, to diabetes, stroke and even cancer. While in the world of medicine, there is no such thing as “doctor god” or expert all ills. Doctors who treat we will refer us to a specialist if there are disease conditions that are outside its competence. For example, stroke patients with a history of diabetes is not well controlled, is usually treated together by neurologists and specialists in internal medicine.

Second, the traditional healer offered remedies such as herbs or herbal concoctions that “natural” and without side effects. Unlike prescription drugs from so-called full of chemicals.

Third, the cost of treatment alternatives are definitely more affordable than go to the doctor or hospital.

Fourth, there are some healers who can guarantee the success of therapy in a few treatment sessions. In fact there are promising “direct medical Once cured”. Lastly, usually they close the sale session by presenting testimonials of patients who had completely healed after visiting the venue.

I did not intend to consider alternative or traditional treatment methods was outdated, or being anti to it. Indeed, medical science was used to start at zero. Medical science has advanced and complicated in today is the result of learning for centuries. Discussion among experts, hypotheses, and long research that takes a long time. Increasingly in man study of this science, the more behold how complex workings of the human body, how many kinds of living creatures called microorganisms that dwell in this world alongside humans and sometimes disrupt the balance of our bodies through infection.

Gradually, too, we find ways to make medicines from natural materials. The recipes were passed down and developed by us. If the initial drug pounded or boiled, with the progress of our times to find ways to make it easier to process drugs consumed. For example, dried medicinal herb, used as a powder, tablet or capsule. We could even make a substance that works more effectively with derivatives of natural compounds earlier.

Doses are determined carefully through a series of studies, first tested in experimental animals, the observed efficacy and side effects. Then clinically tested also in many patients, and if all the stages have been passed by both (drugs proved efficacious, and it is known how many doses the safe side so as not to endanger, also known any side effects) then the drug is allowed on the market in the form of drug-free or limited medicine.

In my opinion, the drugs as these are much safer than buying herbs in drugstores, for example, often the composition is not listed on the packaging. Or is there but written in Chinese characters that not everyone understands what it means. Many also know the herbs herbal clear that guns have turned out to be mixed with steroids or paracetamol. Who knows how many measuring. It is like drinking a glass of liquid guns that we know what’s inside. Maybe the drug. But it can also poison. Horrified right?

What about the concoction of drugs that alternative medicine? Any abortion and how the drugs work in curing our diseases? How many patients taking the drug, and how to follow up his? what percentage are cured, not cured, or even returned with a new complaint which can be a side effect of medications?

Seems complicated really yes. But for me, body and my health is very valuable. I do not want to just surrender to those who do not I believe competence, who treat people with methods that success has not been proven scientifically. Or carelessly enter any medications or herbs into my body before I know what the content, benefits and side effects.

Quite often when my treatment, when there is a recipe that I do not understand I would have been asked for an explanation on the doctor, clearly. It’s one of our rights as a patient. Several times I decided never to return to the particular doctor because stingy information and considers the patient as an inferior party who do not know anything, must obey the superior party that doctors must accept any course of drugs that he gave, point.

I think, if we want an alternative treatment, we have to get used to is like that; think logically and critically. Moreover, there is also impostors guise of alternative medicine, tried to enrich themselves by exploiting our society that is still easy to believe in advertising testimonials and bombastic promises “guaranteed cured”.

So, actually does not need anyway confronts between modern medicine and alternative medicine. Treatment wherever we choose, choose a rational and responsible.