The Use of Weighted Blanket

Use Weighted Blanket

‘Weighted blanket’ suitable for those suffering from sensory impairment and have more energy than usual, such as children with ADHD for example. These blankets are usually heavier than a regular blanket and an average weight of about 4 -25 lbs (1.81kg – 11.33kg). Recommended more specific weight of 10% of the weight of the user plus 1paun (0.453kg). The safest way, get advice How it Works Therapist / Physical weight in determining the weighted blanket ‘most ideal for a private study.

Weighted Blanket for Autism

What is the function of weighted blankets for Autism? Actually the function of weighted blankets is to provide pressure and sensory input to those with autism or other similar disorders. They become quieter because the alleged pressure from the heavy blanket as proprioceptive input (human internal information) to the brain and promotes the production of the hormone seratonin a chemical that gives a calming mood to someone. The idea is actually equivalent to the ‘Squeeze Machine’ invention of Dr. Temple Grandin.

‘Squeeze Machine’ in the movie Temple Grandin

According to the study, ‘weighted blanket’ is suitable for adults who suffer trauma, insomnia, anxiety and other chronic diseases. But consumption among both children and adults, should be covered only part of the body of the user, NOT advisable to cover the face and head.

The process for producing a weighted blanket

Choose ‘weighted blanket’ such as the selection of appropriate best fabrics, cotton, for example. Avoid the use of synthetic materials or materials that are dusty because children like to include parts / certain corners of their favorite blanket in the mouth. Fine river sand, rice is completely dry, the kind of pulses counted more suitable as ballast material. Make sure it has the appropriate weight to ensure that users can move freely and comfortably. Do not worry about comfort. because by using this blanket, the children will feel more comfortable and they became calmer when they are asleep.