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Keeping that Youthful Glow

Irritating as it is to still be getting carded when you’re thirty years old, it’s also kind of flattering. Everyone has that one friend who turns up at the high school reunion looking exactly the same as they did at graduation. If you’re not lucky enough to have the genes that tell your face to look 20 years old forever, you have to rely on other tricks to keep that youthful glow of yours.


A skincare regimen is, of course, the best place to start. Sunscreen is a must, and you need to find the right moisturizer as well. Whether it’s a good night scream or aquifer skin cream Cordova TN or your area, the trick is going to be finding something that works for your specific skin. You may have extra oily skin, or extremely dry skin, or a combination of the two. You may have allergies and sensitivities to take into consideration. There will also be the question of your environment. If you live in a very dry and sunny place, your skincare regimen will look very different from someone who lives in a very humid place with lots of cloud cover. Tailor your habits to suit your needs.

Stress Relief

Stress relief is also key. Stress is a major killer among Americans, and it’s bad for your skin as well as being bad for your heart and your mental health. Practice self-care and consider taking up stress-relieving hobbies like yoga or meditation.

Clean Living

In the same vein as stress relief, clean living is better for your skin. Toxins from cigarettes and drinking can affect your skin, and bad habits like staying up all night partying can also have a bad effect. If you’re doing something that’s bad for you, it will probably show. The key to keeping that youthful glow is four simple words: take care of yourself.