Benefits Of Taking Fish Oil Supplements

Benefits Of Taking Fish Oil Supplements

The benefits from taking fish oil supplements probably outweigh any other on the market. Research has proven numerous times that the body needs these omega 3 fatty acids to function properly. And continued studies prove that there are more benefits from this supplement than already known by many people.

Fish oil supplementation alleviates pain and reduces inflammation. The fatty acid known as EPA is responsible for regulating the body’s response to conditions like arthritis and cystitis. It lowers the inflammatory reaction, which can be a cause for increased pain levels.

Heart health has long been a result of proper levels of omega 3 fatty acids in the body. It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol while adding to your longevity. The body relies on this omega 3s from food and fish oils to achieve good circulation of the cardiovascular system.

And the protection you receive from having an adequate supply of omega 3s in your system can prevent heart attacks and strokes.

The brain functions more clearly and can gain higher levels of intelligence by adding fish oil into the diet. Pregnant mothers can positively affect their baby’s health by using supplements. And with the scare of mercury poisoning in many types of fish, many don’t consume enough, so supplementation is the only way to assure proper quantities.

One of the most important discoveries is the benefit of this oil supplements in preventing childhood mental disorders. ADD and dyslexic patients receive relief from symptoms when incorporating this oil into their diets.

Of the many benefits, this oil has been proven to prevent colon, breast and prostate cancers. It stops the mutation of healthy cells into cancer cells, thus no cancer growth.

With so many benefits, and more being discovered every day, taking this oil supplements will improve your health. Of course the best way to get these fatty acids into your body is by eating fish like salmon. But it is not always easy or palatable to get the proper amounts so supplementation is a good idea.

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