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Patients of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes – Ultimate Diabetes Research For Measuring Blood Sugar Levels

Patients of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes – Ultimate Diabetes Research For Measuring Blood Sugar Levels

Even if you know a single person around you who is suffering from type 1 diabetes or is a patient of type 2 diabetes but is dependent on insulin then you cannot afford to miss this reading. I’m sure the ones who are more concerned have already have looked at this news in the newspaper and now they are more like hungry lions and in the search of some more on this news.

Now you must be wondering what the news is and without wasting any further time here it is…

Children suffering from type 1 diabetes living in Oxfordshire are going to be the first patients of England who will be testing their blood sugar levels not using their blood drops but with the help of their breath.

Isn’t it amazing news?

Yes! Certainly it is for those parents specifically who feel the pricks of the needles on their hearts when their small children have to prick their fingers for a drop of blood.

The idea behind this test is simple. Think your body as a car. Instead of car which burns fuel – the body burns sugars and fats. Like car the human body creates exhaust. If the fuel mixture of a car is tweaked, the different gases also change. When the point comes of a human body the fuel mixture of a healthy body is just right and a perfect balance of energy sources. Unfortunately diabetes cut down the potential fuel source straight to half. Without insulin body is unable to burn sugar and has to rely on fats. The body then has to burn fats and as a result the exhaust of gas, which is breath in case of human, also changes.

This is the point where scientists are trying hard to catch the amount of fats used which in turn tells them the amount of insulin required. City children’s hospital and Oxford Medical Diagnostics are working in partnership with each other to test the newly invented desktop device.

This device accurately measures the small amount of chemical named “acetone” in the breath of patients of type 1 diabetes. This acetone measurement then further helps to measure the amount of insulin required.

The hospital staffs at children’s hospital are very excited about this trial which most likely is going to start in the coming spring.

The trial is going to last for 6 months. During the trial the type 1 diabetic children will keep on taking their finger prick tests. The results of these tests would then be compared with the breath test with this new desktop device. The results would then be compared to see how closely they match with each other.

Most children with type 1 diabetes require around 4 finger prick tests in one day. This number increases to about 10 in small children.

A researcher at Oxford Medical Diagnostics Diana Davies declares that it was clearly known by doctors that fruity smell in the breath is a warning sign of diabetes. The doctors very well knew that the fruity smell is of acetone. Now the researchers have extrapolated this fact to develop a device that can measure the blood sugar levels. If this 6 month trial is successful then there are bright chances that they would end up having a portable trial product.

Don’t you think that it is a dream of many diabetics that would come true?

Just visualize a hand-held meter that can just detect what is the level of blood sugar when placed in front of your breath.