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I Had to Get Some Emergency Work Done Recently

I have the best dentist in Aurora CO who sees me or my kids when we have emergencies. He knows that I do not have dental insurance for myself or my children and have put off care on many occasions because of it. He does not judge, and when I call to say that I have a dental emergency and we are suffering from tooth pain, he makes time to see allow me to come in for myself or my kids that same day. He also lets us work out a payment plan to pay for whatever treatment is needed.

If it were not for payment plans, I would not be able to get through life so easily. I am so grateful that my dentist has known me for many years and trusts me enough to make payments. I do not have that same luck when it comes to dealing with a lot of other much larger businesses. So, this means that I need to be careful with my credit cards so that I get a payment plan that way. I make sure not to be late with payments so that I do not lose my cards. I only have two, and they are a lifeline when it comes to taking care of my little family.

A few weeks ago, I had to call the dentist’s office because two of my tooth suddenly started hurting at the same time. I was horrified by how fast the pain came about on a Friday night. I rushed to see him the very next morning and he said that both of the teeth needed to be pulled and that I had an abscess. He was kind enough to let me know that I could pay for all of the work over six months. I’m grateful that he allows me to do that.