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Heavy Legs – Why Your Heavy Legs May Be a Sign of Serious Health Problems

Heavy Legs – Why Your Heavy Legs May Be a Sign of Serious Health Problems

Those with heavy legs must realize that the cause can be a deadly problem. This condition may also cause impotence in men. The heavy feeling in the legs can be a serious warning sign. The heart failing or high blood sugar often causes a heaviness in the legs.

A recent study showed that nearly a quarter of people who have leg heaviness due to circulation will be dead in five years, mostly due to heart attacks and other heart problems. For those whose leg pain kept them from walking even short distances, the odds are even worse: as many as half will die by five years.

This is caused by the blockage in the arteries. This is critical if you are to save your life. Those who wait are in serious danger. Heavy legs are a sign that there is blockage in the arteries of the legs and usually this is also occurring in the heart. This is also caused by high blood sugar which is a poison glucose in the body that is spreading. The spread of diabetes now makes it the 5th largest killer in the United States. Those with leg heaviness are in danger of either a blocked circulation from plague or blood sugar.

The best thing to do at this point is to find the right diet. The right diet can be the different between a heart attack or getting healthy. The problem is finding the right diet. Removing fats and sugar will not fix the damage that has happened to the arteries from plaque or sugar. What is needed is a diet that repairs the circulation. Medications come with serious side effects and may need to be avoided.

There is some good news, there is a diet by a filmmaker that has been reversing circulation problems,impotence and heavy legs. It is a diabetes diet that fixes the circulation. This diet also allows you to eat what you like. This is an incredibly serious problem that must be addressed immediately to avoid a heart attack,;please do not wait.