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Why Has Foot Pain Become So Common?

Pain in the feet don’t pop up overnight. The pain is usually preceded by irritation or inflammation, and in many cases ignored until it becomes too uncomfortable. There are several treatments and permanent remedies, but when it comes to heel pain services Lakewood Ranch Fl doctors say evaluation is vital to determine the exact condition.

Why Foot Pain Is So Common

Foot pain is a condition that can occur in different places on the foot. The causes range from overload, unilateral stress, injuries and misalignments to diseases of the bones, articular cartilage, muscles, ligaments, tendons and blood vessels in the foot. Often, aches and pains on the ankle are also described as foot pain.

Pain in the foot due to injuries such as running, hiking, or even over usage with the wrong foot supports are common. Those affected may still be able to move the joint, but its functionality is clearly limited and causes pain.

One of the most common ailments is Achilles Tendonitis, usually as a result of sport activities. It’s the strongest tendon in our body and runs up from the heel to our calf muscles. The tendon, for example, allows us to stand on our tiptoes and push off while running and jumping.

After extreme physical stress the Achilles tendon and surrounding tissue becomes inflamed causing persistent pain. There are instances where the tendon ruptures, but this is in extreme cases, and usually occurs with professional athletes. A healthy tendon almost never tears.

Pain repeatedly occurs when you have Achilles tendon irritation or inflammation. Typically, it causes severe discomfort, and getting out of bed will even bring discomfort. Therapy usually involves staying off the feet, using supportive bandages to relieve tension, and taking anti-inflammatory medicine.

Doctors stress that any foot discomfort requires an exam to confirm the extent of the problem. Exams will clarify whether or not there’s tissue damage or simply irritation. But repeated strains on a compromised foot can result in additional inflammation, which could lead to a chronic problem.

Could You Have Runner’s Foot?

The foot represents the basis of almost all movements of our body: while running, its task is to absorb the impact force of our body weight. For this to occur, all 28 bones, 31 joints and 23 muscles of the foot have to work together. When overloads occur, a common syndrome of plantar fasciitis will happen.

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar tendon that runs from the heel to the toes. Excessive pressure can cause the plantar tendon to expand and tear, resulting in inflammation. This can also cause scarring after the healing process, restricting the flexibility of the plantar tendon.

This type of inflammation develops slowly until later you begin experiencing a stinging pain when in a rest position. The healing process can be different for everyone, lasting anywhere from six to eight weeks, up to a year.

One of the most important remedies is exercising the foot for better flexibility. Long stretches will help reduce tension in the sole of the foot. Knowing your limits to prevent foot pain will always help avoid problems.