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3 Important Things To Know About Recreational Marijuana in Illinois

Recreational marijuana became legal on January 1, 2020 in the state of Illinois. While it is now legal to consume cannabis containing THC, the chemical responsible for inducing a high, there are a few things you should know about the current regulatory guidelines for use. Here are three of the most important.

Who Can Sell?

Sales of the substance are primarily limited to Illinois dispensaries currently licensed for medical marijuana sales, though that is beginning to change. At the time of this writing, there are 58 dispensaries in the state, the majority of which are in Chicago, and of those, 40 sell recreational and medical marijuana, while one is currently licensed for recreational sales only. You can expect more recreational sites to come online throughout this coming year.

Who Can Purchase?

The age limit for purchase is 21. Expect to show your state ID or driver’s license before being allowed to purchase. You do not need to have a medical marijuana card to buy recreational pot at locations that sell it. It is legal to consume in your own home or at a few facilities licensed for onsite consumption, and you can purchase and possess up to 30 grams. It is illegal to consume in the presence of underage individuals, on school grounds, in public, in a vehicle and around on-duty public servants.

Who Can Grow?

If you are a medical marijuana patient, you can grow up to five pots of the plant at home; however, non-medical users cannot do so. Growers currently licensed for medical marijuana crops can also cultivate their fields for recreational dispensaries. Those interested in obtaining a craft growers license can submit an application to the state when the Department of Agriculture opens up the process again.

Illinois is taking a graduated approach to the availability of recreational marijuana, so expect incremental increases to the number of facilities and growers in the state. Make sure you are fully aware of the legal age requirements, possession limitations, and consumption restrictions before you buy or consume cannabis products.