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Diabetic Test Strips on eBay

Diabetic Test Strips on eBay

Did you know that most brands of diabetic test strips can be found on eBay for about half of what you would pay at your local pharmacy? It is true and this discovery is being realized by many new people everyday! While the savings sounds great, there are certainly many questions people have before jumping into these bargains.

The number 1 question is are the strips real or authentic? The short answer is Yes! Most of the testing strips you find on eBay come from diabetics who simply have an abundance. Often they don’t test as often as they should and find themselves with an extra box or two at the end of a few months.

Another reason for extra strips is switching meters. This is very common among diabetics as they try to find the best meter for their needs. Each test strip must be used with it’s own meter so when trying a different system the old diabetic test strips are no longer any good. This usually results in extra boxes of strips from the old system.

Many times when a loved one passes away relatives will find new boxes of strips and diabetic equipment when cleaning out the house. Obviously there is no longer any use for them and this is another avenue for these online auction strips you will find.

One of eBay’s rules for selling these strips are that the boxes must be factory sealed and the expiration dates must still be good. There is little chance of fraud with this product. Still, caution and common sense must be used. Buying from sellers with a good reputation, making sure the box is sealed and asking any questions you may have before the purchase will likely seal the deal on a fantastic diabetic test strip bargain for you!