How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally In Thirty Days

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally In Thirty Days

You can naturally lower your cholesterol in thirty days or less, but in one month you can lower high cholesterol by 30% and more all without the use of dangerous drugs. Some of the natural ways are very easy to get started on right away so you can quickly lower cholesterol. Drink more water, probably the easiest to get started just increase water by 50 percent, if you are drinking 4 glasses a day just start by drinking 8 or more you will feel better within minutes and water helps with many of the bodies functions.

Fiber is a supplement that is the least expensive of the nutrients that lower cholesterol and it’s good for your heart also.

Plant sterols and stanols are one of the newest discoveries to lower cholesterol naturally they work by blocking the cholesterol from entering the blood stream and the excess cholesterol goes into the toilet. Plant sterols and stanols are good if your cholesterol is just over 200 they can help bring it down to below 200 a much safer range.

EPA or fish oil can help with cholesterol and triglycerides it’s like putting teflon in your blood stream it makes your platelets stronger and less sticky and prevents clots from forming, if this sounds like some of the claims that the drug makers say about cholesterol lowering drugs it is because a natural compound like the ones I am writing about here all do what the drugs claim but without the side effects.

Resveratrol is the king of lowering cholesterol it lowers it by turning on certain genes that control cholesterol production in the liver, you get two thirds of your cholesterol from the liver and cholesterol goes into the cells and turns the production of cholesterol back to normal. And Resveratrol has a wonderful effect on aging, it turns on the longevity genes in the cells the way a calorie restricted diet does only painlessly most people on a CR diet say it’s not worth the extra years, because of the amount of calories you have to live on is near a starvation diet Resveratrol mimics the CR diet.

Resveratrol supplements

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