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How to Know the Doctors You Need for Type 1 Diabetes

How to Know the Doctors You Need for Type 1 Diabetes

In the case you found out you have type 1 diabetes or ‘T1DM’ (Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus), you should quickly look out for other doctors. This is because when you have the said disease, your eyes, nerves and kidney could be at risk altogether.

It is most likely that you will see your pediatrician first. Then he or she will refer you to a specialist.

Main physician

This is the pediatrician who will be responsible for taking care of your daily problems. This includes colds, fevers, rashes or even stomach problems.

Diabetes educator

This person is not your nutritionist, but he or she will teach you or your child about the insulin and how it works, diabetes risks, avoiding diabetes tips and many more. They even give you free advice when you are travelling. Travelling will induce jetlag and cause insulin production to be different in different time zones.

You should always check whether your diabetes educator is a Certified Diabetes Educator or not. Make sure to also check whether he or she has been approved by the national Certification Board for Diabetes Educators. Demand for relevant documents and verifications too. You are hanging onto someone’s advice and expertise to live better. Do not skip this step.


Like its name suggests, this will be your new found parent. He or she will tell you what and what not to eat. You should also strictly follow their recommendations as diabetic complications are not pleasant to have. Following a certain eating habit will ensure maximum comfort for your condition.


He or she will be responsible for keeping tabs of all the drugs and medication you need. Your pharmacist is also responsible for giving you the right materials for testing blood glucose.

Mental health worker

Who is a mental health worker? This is a person who is supposed to help you and your family during traumatic and bad mental episodes. Of course, people who initially learn about their newly found disease might need more psychology support.

Eye doctor

Seeing your eye doctor is essential. You do not want to be blind because of diabetes.

Foot doctor

Small foot problems can become worse if left untreated. Do not underestimate the trips to your foot doctor.

Kidney specialist

Our kidneys are very important to our daily living. You must ensure that type 1 diabetes is not damaging your beloved kidney by visiting the kidney specialist now and then.A�