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Best Way to Lose Weight

Obviously if you look around the web you see a million ways that someone will tell you how to lose weight. You can find stuff like nutrisystem turbo for men reviews all over the place, of course there are a lot of things that are too intense or too dangerous for me. I am just looking to start out slowly and lose enough weight to get to the point where I can more easily get to where I need to be. That does not make a lot of sense, but it goes like this. I know that losing all of the weight I need to lose is going to be really hard to do. However if I can lose between five and ten pounds, then that would put me in a place where I would be able to start on what remains. I figure that it is about twenty pounds that I need to lose. It is a good enough plan, but execution is always the hard part of it.

I have just been doing more walking and I have been trying to replace one meal a day with a salad, while eating more sensibly. That is not going to get much done, but I need to get in shape so that I can start to work out more. I do not believe that my knees could really take the pounding that a lot of running would involve, so instead I have gotten a used stationary bicycle. The thing is enormous and if I had to find a place for it in the house it would not work for me. However I just cleaned out my garage and moved an old TV set out there. I watch TV and use it a little, but that gets tiring pretty quickly to be honest.