When Patience is Needed For a Child

We all know that raising children can be a daunting task. Anyone who claims to be perfect in childrearing is arrogant or just plain stupid. Every child’s needs are different from the next child. It is no walk in the park to raise a child without special needs, but to find out your child has ADHD(Attention Deficit Disorder) is a big deal. The initial signs were probably there in the beginning, but you can say, oh my child is just easily distracted. He or she just needs to pay attention to the teacher or maybe the child needs to study more.

There are many keys to understanding children with adhd. The first thing any parent should do is try to use the resources at hand to educate yourself. Do not feel guilty and punish yourself for not knowing more earlier. Try to focus on the things you can change in your child life to make it easier for the child. Like for instance start playing games that require focus or give them puzzles that you work on together. Parents should take the time to read a short story with them. Do not let them overindulge on sugary treats that can make them hyper because you trying to get them to focus. If you don’t have time to attend seminars about ADHD in person there is YouTube. Where you can watch various videos or TedTalks by experts in the realm of ADHD.

There are Facebook groups dedicated to the subject and you can chat with other parents or people living with ADHD. It is just as important that you let your child know that you love them no matter what and that everything is going to be okay. Teaching the child calming techniques and not over stimulating the child with too much at one time. Parents must remember that Rome was not built in a day but over a slow progression of time. Sometimes parents are faced with medicating their child. This needs to be discussed with the doctor. We all know that medicine comes with side effects. Another good idea is to talk to others to see if they know anyone who has used meds to help with ADHD. If the child is prescribed medicine, then it needs to be explained to the child.

Parents need to keep up to date with the latest therapy or medicine that can help their child. Because Attention Deficit Disorder is not something that just goes away on its own. The earlier parents can get their child into a routine the better off the child and the parents will be in the long run. Adults who have grown up dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder are a good resource for parents to prepare early for what their child can face later on in life. Parents must learn patience and to take each day one step at a time. Parents want the best for their child and for the child to be able to cope in life.