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The Biggest Losers Are Losing Their Diabetes Too!

The “Biggest Losers” Are Losing Their Diabetes Too!

Many Contestants Lose Diabetes and Are Off Meds

If ever there was a way to dramatically demonstrate that diabetes can be reversed it is the show “The Biggest Loser”. About 1 in 4 contestants who start out the show have type 2 diabetes and many have the associated diseases that go along with it like heart disease, obesity, high cholosterol and high blood pressure.

The biggest prize for these contestants isn’t the money, it’s their health! The shows doctor Robert Huizenga, MD shared results of 35 contestants in a study that shows what a change in diet and exercise can do. This is great stuff. In the fifth week all of them dropped to a normal blood pressure and all were able to stop taking their blood pressure medication.

Also in the fifth week all of their diagnosed prediabetes and diabetes were gone and they were all off of their medications! Wow that is great. Of course they are coached, fed, exercised, and pushed to their limit which would be hard for some, but it shows in a dramatic way that you can overcome this diabetes epidemic that we are experiencing by what you put into your body and how much you exercise.

It has to be said also that this may not work for everyone and that some people have diabetes that are thin and obesity is not their issue but good health and being disease free generally comes down to what you consume and how much you exercise. Lifestyle choices are very important as well as environmental conditions the you work and live in.

22 health experts validated the diet they use as being the number 1 diet for fighting and managing diabetes which includes fresh fruit and vegetables and is loaded with fiber that helps regulate blood sugar. Most of it is common sense good eating habits concentrating on a plant based diet while getting rid of processed, especially refined bleached flour that turns to simple carbohydrates and then sugar in your blood stream

I just want to encourage everyone out there that you can do so much to overcome diabetes and especially if you are in the early stages of prediabetes that millions of Americans are experiencing. 79 million people in the United States have prediabetes, that’s an incredible number. This is a trend that is sure to continue given the current food supply and fast food habits of Americans. It is essential to choose carefully the kind of food we eat.