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Five Foods That May Raise Your Level of Cholesterol

Five Foods That May Raise Your Level of Cholesterol

Cholesterol is described as the different types of fat cells that are present in the body. There are three types of cholesterol, the good cholesterol, the bad cholesterol and the triglycerides. Though some criticize Cholesterol as being too bad for the body, the right kind of cholesterol in the body is a good thing. Here are five foods that may raise your level of cholesterol, both good cholesterol as well as bad cholesterol.


Eggs are the best bet for increase in proteins and cholesterol. Many doctors say that one egg a day would make a lot of positive difference to a person’s health. While one egg a day is staple diet, doctors recommend two eggs, with bacon and sausage in the morning to increase the cholesterol in the body. However If you are having high cholesterol problem, try to stick with only one egg and try to avoid the bacon. In many countries, eggs are compulsory foods for schoolchildren, and there are special government institutions that promote egg consumption amongst the public.

Fried Food/Junk Food:

In our pursuit for excellence and a fast life, we are overlooking the benefits of good, healthy and home cooked food. While the fries and the shakes look good in the menu and even taste swell, they are another rich source of bad cholesterol and have a damning effect on the weight and health of an individual.

Fried and processed foods like donuts have long been known to have these detrimental effects. The governments all over the world are now taking some action. For example, some states and countries do not allow foods that are known to have high cholesterol to be advertised to the children. Though this step may seem a bit high handed, it is a fact that many kids, and even teenagers get attracted to the unhealthy foods because they have been eating them since childhood.


Avocado makes a great addition to salads and sandwiches. Along with good cholesterol, it is also a good supplier of good fat for the body. With an avocado enriched diet, people can increase their cholesterol level by more than eleven percent in a single week.


All kinds of legumes are good suppliers of good cholesterol for the body. You could try with beans, peas, soybeans, lentils and other such foods. Beans, peas and lentils are normally used as staple diet dishes in households all over the world.

Salmon Fish:

For fish and meat eaters out there, the Salmon fish is a very good supplier of good cholesterol. You can try the various fish like halibut herring, mackerel, sardines, tuna, lake trout, etc. Doctors say that the people should consume these fishes at least twice in a week. Seafood has several other advantages for a person’s health that are of considerable value. Some consider seafood good for the heart and other health aspects.

These are the five foods that are rich in cholesterol.