How to Rapidly Lower Blood Glucose

How to Rapidly Lower Blood Glucose

KEEPING blood sugar levels by changing lifestyles is one important factor in controlling diabetes. This is because the body lacks insulin that helps maintain blood sugar (either because the body can not produce or produces in total or less).

Insulin works to process sugar or glucose from the foods you eat and convert it into energy that can be used by the body. If not processed, glucose stays in the blood, thereby increasing blood sugar levels.

This condition is very dangerous because most of the organ shortage of sugar starvation and partly other organs damaged by too much sugar. Uncontrolled glucose levels like this could damage the eyes, nerves, kidneys and blood vessels.

How do I lower the blood glucose level? The best way is to integrate prescription drugs by following some simple steps:

Diet. Low-carbohydrate diet is the most well known in lowering blood sugar levels. Low carbohydrate foods include soy milk, barley, and herring can be your choice. In addition, high-fiber foods such as soya beans, oatmeal, bran / husk or cereal with raisins, bread, whole bread and beans could help control diabetes. In addition, try adding fresh fruit and vegetable intake.

Sports. Try to stay active and exercise every day. Walking and other forms of mild exercise can help you burn sugar in the body. Brisk walking, mowing the lawn and other household activities is an appropriate choice of sport to arrange blood glucose levels.

Lower the weight. Normal body weight will help you control your blood glucose levels. Try to consult a nutritionist and followed a diet with the right advice.

Supplements. People with diabetes more at risk of zinc deficiency. Try taking supplements or increase intake of foods containing zinc to lower blood sugar levels. Chickens and the sardine is a zinc-rich foods.

Sleep enough. Lack of sleep will reduce the body ability to process glucose effectively. You can help lower blood glucose levels with sufficient rest.

Consumption of cinnamon. Cinnamon otherwise could lower blood sugar. Try to increase intake of cinnamon to your diet or you can also use cinnamon in capsule form.

Drinking green tea without sugar. It also stated could help lower blood sugar levels.

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