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The Benefits of Dental Implants

Many individuals have lost teeth for numerous reasons. This can create low self-esteem and a lack of confidence for the individual. One solution that is becoming increasing popular is called a dental implant. This implant fuses with the jawbone and securely holds the replacement tooth. This is very similar to the natural tooth because of the appearance and stability. The majority of these implants are made from titanium because once it has fused into the bone, the body will not see it as a foreign object. Due to technological advances, the success rate for this procedure is almost 98 percent. A dental implant can replace one or every tooth while improving aesthetics and functionality for the individual.

There are three general options to replace missing teeth, a fixed dental bridge, dentures and dental implants. Dentures are the least expensive option, but many people do not like the idea of putting them in and taking them out every day. Dentures can trap pieces of food beneath them, slip and change the flavor of food. Dental bridgework was preferred prior to the advances in dental implants. These options are often dependent on where the missing teeth are located and the health of the individual. A dental implant services Downers Grove IL process will start by having a dental surgeon examine the patient. This establishes if dental implants are a good option.

Dental implants offer numerous advantages. They effectively replace any missing teeth without causing any damage to the existing teeth. They are extremely stable and look just like the other teeth. A licensed dentist or dental specialist can perform the surgery. Once completed, the individual is left with a beautiful smile and more self-confidence. If an individual has lost all their teeth, there is a technique using four implants. The implants are placed in an area where the bone is still strong and enable a denture prothesis to be screwed in. Unlike standard dentures, this is not removable and cannot slip. The prothesis also has the appearance and feel of the original teeth.

A local anesthetic is used during implant surgery to ensure the patient does not feel any pain. Prior to the surgery, the patient’s mouth is carefully examined using x-rays, CT scans and panoramic films. The jawbone is examined to make certain dental implants are a good option for the individual. Sometimes there are teeth that will require extraction because they are damaged. A special drill is used to place the implant. The healing process generally takes two to six months. Once the healing process is completed, the dental implant is connected using a screw. The dentist will make certain the implant has adjusted properly in the bone. This is then covered with a custom-made implant crown that is either screwed into or cemented on the abutment. The final result is any missing teeth are replaced with natural looking teeth. The individual can eat and drink the same way they did prior to losing any teeth.