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Red Yeast Rice and Cholesterol – Learn the Facts

Red Yeast Rice and Cholesterol – Learn the Facts

In the battle against fats, red yeast rice and cholesterol are starting to garner quite a bit of attention by pharmaceutical companies. A lot of supplement manufacturers have been using this unique ingredient in their formulations for years already.

Red yeast rice and cholesterol are like an allergy medicine and a huge ball of cat hair. The red yeast rice produces substances called monacolins which are converted by the body into enzymes that actually stop the production of cholesterol by the body.

Does it really work?

You will find sites that claim anything is good for cholesterol. They could be trying to sell something as basic as fish oil tablets which do help cholesterol levels but aren’t a magic bullet by any means. The great thing about red yeast rice and cholesterol is that is was proven by a study at UCLA on 84 people. After 12 weeks, every single subject had lower levels of the bad LDL cholesterol. That’s pretty amazing really. Usually studies on a basic ingredient like this won’t be unanimously positive. This ingredient is still being heavily studies so there isn’t a lot of other information but the UCLA medical department is one of the best facilities in the country.

Where can I get it?

The best place to find red yeast rice and get a good amount of it daily is simple. All natural supplements are becoming extremely popular to treat high cholesterol. This is because they are usually side effect free and actually do what they are supposed to do. Some of the best natural cholesterol supplements on the market will contain this ingredient as well as some other proven ingredients so you will be sure to give your system all the tools it needs to get your levels in check.