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Prevention Is Cheaper Than The Cure: The Cost Of Diabetes And The Benefits Of Eating Oat Bran

Prevention Is Cheaper Than The Cure: The Cost Of Diabetes And The Benefits Of Eating Oat Bran

Do you have concerns with your health at the moment?

Good health is not easy to come by these days. Many people would often go to great lengths just to ensure that their body is functioning at peak condition all the time. However, a lot of people are still unaware of the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, other people just neglect the fact that the human body is very fragile in front of the immensity of today’s viruses and infections.

So what is the cost of good health these days?

With the amount of toxins and foodborne pathogens present, more and more people are becoming vulnerable to diseases. What’s worse is that the medical costs can sometimes skyrocket depending on the severity of an ailment. The sad thing about it is that not everyone is covered by medical insurance and may have to fork out their life-savings just to pay for a cure.

A Serious Case of Diabetes

Starts at $300. You might be thinking that since diabetes costs a minimum of only $300 dollars, you should do nothing about it. However, did you also know that diabetes is a chronic (lifetime) disease. That means you will be spending for a daily dose of insulin, including insulin pumps, medications, blood sugar monitors and a lot of professional fees for regular check ups, just to ensure that your body stays in peak condition, for the rest of your life. The sad part about this setup is that if you fail to get your insulin shot, or get checked up regularly, diabetes has the effect of harming other organs in the body, including the heart and the kidneys. Diabetes can also impact a person’s vision, and cause blindness. It’s a really hefty price to pay if you’re suffering this type of health problem.

Most of the people who go through severe forms of diabetes and live to tell about it, are often following strict codes of regular blood-sugar monitoring and insulin intake, as well as a very disciplined diet. Would you be able to do the same? Or are you willing to take preventive measures today and avoid paying your entire life savings for a diabetes maintenance care.

Prevention is Always Cheaper Than The Cure

What’s the best way to prevent or evade diabetes? It all starts with a good diet consisting of healthy superfoods like Wheatgrass, Barley Grass and most especially Oat Bran. Oats contain dietary fibers, which is also often referred to as “nature’s broom”. Fiber is able to absorb toxins and cholesterol within the body, and can help manage the blood-sugar levels. This plays a very big impact in keeping diabetes from ever developing and harming other organs of the body. Eating superfoods also benefits those who are suffering a hereditary strain of diabetes. With the right intake of Oat Bran, you may find it easier to maintain a healthy blood-sugar level, while keeping the body free from other pathogens and toxins that can cause other serious health concerns.

How much does a 5kg pack of Oat Bran cost? Less than $20 dollars. That’s the price of prevention. Now make your pick.