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The Last Ten Pounds Were Stubborn

I was not happy with the small amount of fat that was left on my stomach. I knew that I had looked better than I ever had in years, but I still wanted to get to my goal weight. I was frustrated, and I decided to do a search to get some information about a tummy tuck in Murrieta. I didn’t feel like that was cheating at all, because I had put in a lot of hard work to get to where I was at that point. I just needed some help reaching that magic number.

When I looked at the Murrieta Dermatology and Skin Cancer website, I was really impressed with all the different procedures that they perform there. Some are cosmetic, such as what I was looking for, but others literally save people’s lives. I knew that I wanted to take advantage of their free consultation to find out what my options were, so I made an appointment. When I was there, the dermatologist told me that I would be the perfect candidate for Coolsculpting. I had seen that on their site, but I did not read anything on it because I was picturing it as a service for people who already looked like a model.

She told me that because I was only about ten pounds from my goal weight, that I would definitely qualify. She explained that it is a process that freezes the fat cells, which means they will leave my body. I also liked the fact that it is not an invasive procedure at all. The results are definitely there to stay too, which is what I was mostly interested in finding out. I decided to go ahead and go through with it, and it was such a great decision. I now love my body, and I am actually helping others reach the same place in their lives!