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The Truth About Eggs

The Truth About Eggs

When it comes to eggs and healthy diets, there are a lot of debates related to whether eating eggs is good for you or not, and which part of the egg is the healthiest. In recent years, there have been a lot of misconceptions which were propagated by the diet industry and we are going to touch on them in the following lines.

A lot of people have gotten the idea that egg yolks are harmful to the human body as they can raise cholesterol levels and also because they have a high number of calories. Consequently, people started eating egg omelets with 4 or 5 egg whites and only one egg yolk, while the other 3 or 4 remaining egg yolks were thrown away. This really is a huge waste of nutrients and I’ll explain why.

You see, egg yolks are one of the richest sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants while egg whites are almost devoid of nutrients. From one single egg yolk you can get a rich dose of B-vitamins, lutein, trace minerals, folate, vitamin A, choline, and many other important nutrients. Only by comparing the nutrient content of an egg yolk to that of an egg white, one could easily see that egg yolks are truly the most important parts of eggs.

But even when faced with this evidence many people would still refuse the yolks claiming that they rise cholesterol levels which can lead to heart disease. What these people don’t know is that there are two kinds of cholesterol: LDL which is bad cholesterol and HDL which is good cholesterol. You see, cholesterol is a very important substance that our body needs in order to regulate many internal processes and if the body doesn’t get enough cholesterol from food, then it produces some cholesterol by its self.

Recent studies have proven that LDL is linked to heart disease problems, while HDL is linked to a healthy heart condition and to a lesser risk of developing heart related diseases. Thus, by eating yolks, the HDL cholesterol levels are improved and the risk of suffering form clogged arteries is reduced.

So next time you’re eating eggs remember not to leave out the yolks as they provide you with the most important nutrients for the whole day. And as much as possible you should also try to eat eggs from free range chickens as they are much more nutrient rich than eggs from chickens raised in cramped conditions and fed with soy and corn.

Don’t let our modern society brainwashs you with misinformation about fats and cholesterol. When in fact, the YOLK IS THE HEALTHIEST PART OF THE EGG!.