I Have Been Dating a Senior

In fact this really was not my idea to be honest, but it would have been if I had had any idea that it might have worked. I met this really cute girl in the gym one day. I go there after class a couple of days a week to get in a work out. I was not really smart enough to realize that she was hitting on me, the fact that a girl might do that did not occur to me. At any rate now she lectures me on sexual health in relations and seems to think that I could go out and get lots of girls if I had more confidence. I am not really sure if she is trying to pump up my ego or not, in fact it seems as though she is conducting some sort of social experiment. However I am not in a position to complain. This is really incredible, because I am obviously there to satiate her sexual desires. She has been tutoring me in some of my classes, the girl is really smart and I think that plays a part in this. She has all sorts of incredibly difficult courses and I think that my function is to relieve the stress from her academic rigors. She calls me up pretty much every night and the fact is that she only has one thing on her mind. Some times she orders me straight into bed and then when she is done, she will throw me out. Some guys might not like that, but of course I am not exactly getting the short end of anything. My roommate has decided that he hates me, especially because she sometimes comes into the dorm and tells him to get lost. In fact he seems to be afraid of her when she shows up.