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How to turn your garage into a Home Gym

You would notice among a host of your friends, some are just so particular about their fitness. Those ones would wake up early in the morning and start with their fitness regime.

Getting in shape can be very difficult times. Do you think it’s very tough to get everything going and manage everything? Commuting to a gym, going on a fixed time to your gym, waiting for your turn on the treadmill, changing your clothes and going back to your home can get very exhausting. More exhausting than the entire workout session itself.

The very idea of driving through traffic during rush hours to reach your gym, for which you would have paid a huge subscription waiting for your turn at the treadmill. Whatever situation you are trapped in, you may want to consider making a long-term investment by installing a basic gym at home.

Your home gym can be a very efficient and effective weight loss training facility. Besides, you will have the convenience of not commuting to a commercial gym. Also, as you construct it considering your individual needs, you can set up a much-customised home gym considering your exercising needs. This certainly will have a lot of different advantages as well.

Installing a gym at your home can definitely be a fair investment in terms of money. But it’s worth the investment as it makes it easier for you to work out because it offers you the advantage of time. This is because you don’t have to drive anywhere and there is no excuse for not going to the gym if the weather is not conducive.

To transform your garage space in a neat gym and by using it throughout the year, you can save money which you would otherwise burn with expensive gym subscriptions. Also, you will not have any excuses not to work out during bad weather. This certainly means that this is a really awesome investment for your home and your lifestyle. You will have no excuses to not work out after you convert your garage into a home gym. If you haven’t done this already, then you should start today.

However tough the path to achieving your fitness goals is, you can still set and achieve ambitious personal fitness goals with Youdo.

What are some of the advantages of a home gym?

  1. You eventually end up saving money

Your monthly active membership can you take you down by rupees 2000 to 3000 per month (USD ~50 per month), plus you have to add the cost of commuting to the gym. Also, you have to make sure that you do not go to a gym during rush hours as you would not be able to effectively utilise your time. This means your gym timings would be severely restricted. While the cost of installing a home gym may be expensive, but over a year/two-year horizon, you will see your investments making much more sense.

  1. Customised for your requirements

Your fitness freedom goals will be to pursue your fitness on your own terms, at your own time, focusing on the workouts with the equipment that you need. While there may be tens of machines lying in the gym, you can not necessarily need them. Your fitness goals should be very specific to your requirement as per your schedule. A personal gym is a solid step in that direction.

  1. A commercial gym cannot be open, while a home gym can be open

If you have your workout set up at your home and you’re getting delayed from your work schedule, the convenience factor of being able to walk-in at any time of your day, whether it’s late in the night or early in the morning without having to commute is huge. Sometimes it so happens that you don’t want to work out for 1-2 hours, you just want to have a very quick workout session. For a quick workout, you can always find it easier to go to your home gym rather than having the excuse not to do anything on that particular day with constraints of a limited time.


Then how do you turn your garage into your garage into a home gym?

Step 1: Remove the clutter

First of all, you need to remove all the rubbish and plan for space which would be available for you to focus on your fitness. You have to decide if you want to convert the entire garage into a gym or you would share it with your additional stuff. Would you keep that old car tyre or would you remove them somewhere else?

Step 2: Set up a budget

You need to decide considering your budget if you really need a new set of gym equipment and machine or it is wise to source second-hand gym equipment from online auction sites like OLX and Quikr.

Step 3: Install a good music system

If you are a music lover, you find your adrenaline rushing and your efficiency peaking while the music of your choice is on. While working in a commercial gym, since every person will have a different choice, you may not feel enthused by the music the gym will have to offer. So, get a home gym and play the music of your own choice.

Step 4: Install lights

A good lighting means that you can work out at any time of the day or night. Also, it will help to brighten up your environment.

Step 5: Have a proper ventilation

For a proper breathing, you should get proper ventilation. Therefore you need to install a ceiling fan or an air conditioning unit that offers both heating and cooling option.

Step 6: Organize space

One important thing is to organise and install cabinets. If you add a mirror to your home gym, you can see yourself while working out. You will also need to have a drawer to keep your clothes, towels, handkerchief etc.

Step 7: Buy only the exercise equipment that you need

Since buying equipment can turn out to be very costly, you need to prioritize the equipment you would want depending upon your budget and requirements. There are many options available but if you have to prioritise then dumbbells, a skipping rope, a bench, stepper, stationary bike, and an elliptical machine would be the best choice to start with. You should also make sure that most of these machines can be folded so that you do not occupy much of a space and you can put them out to make way for other important items when you are not using them.

We got a chance to talk with Shreya, who works as a freelancer. She suggested us that the biggest advantage a home gym has to offer is flexibility. As a working mother, she can continue her responsibilities with regards to the kids, helping them with their homework, picking them up from their school, making breakfast and lunch and doing other household chores along with taking care of her fitness. She mentioned that she sometimes just doesn’t have the time to drive to the gym, to change her clothes and come back to her place, change her clothes and get ready again.

She thinks that she now utilizes her time more efficiently by installing a home gym in her car garage. Although she has few machines, it is still much more efficient for her in terms of saving time and having machines which are customised for her requirements.

Important criteria to consider while building your gym

  1. What is going to be the design of your gym?

Typically your garage space is going to be limited. You need to utilise each and every inch of the available space very efficiently and effectively. It should be very easy to clean and also you need to make sure that the transformation is within your budget. Also, the ventilation is an important criterion to be considered as without a proper ventilation, the environment will be nauseating and it will cost you your health.

  1. What about the head room?

You need to ensure that you have a high Lift garage door. If you don’t have one, then you need to make the modification in the existing garage door opener because it helps you with an extra space to do exercises like rope jumps etc.

  1. What about storage?

Maximizing storage is very important because space will be limited. There are multiple solutions available to utilise and make the most out of your space. You can have a wall shelf and have cabinets to enable the storage of your accessories. The cabinets provide extra storage for sports equipment as well. You can also leverage wall hooks to hang items like your clothing.

You can also get overhead racks to get more storage space for essentials. Also, rails can be an important feature of your space as they are quick and easy to install. Plus, the arrangement provides extra durability as well. Since there is also a lot of variety of accessories which you can easily attach to them, and there is no need for screws, they can be installed in a few minutes and you can also move them around to create a customised garage storage system.

  1. What about flooring?

Protection is really important for your floor as well as for your body because if you are going to do deadlift on a concrete floor, the impact of the weight on that hard floor can take a toll on your body including your upper back.

Without having a proper secure flooring on your Gym floor, you have a chance to slip and hence prone to injury. Abhishek and Ananya, Bangalore residents, decided to get high-quality coating which could be applied on the concrete floor of their garage. This really transformed the space into a professional working out space. Also, this made the floor sturdy and chemical free.

Cost of installing a Home Gym

Typically, the cost of setting up a home gym can go from INR 25,000 to 2,00,000. If you have a small budget, the recommendation is to have basic equipment first. For e.g. bench, dumbbells, skipping rope to start with. You should also look at online sites to see if you can purchase items at a very good discount. It is also recommended to visit sites like, to see if you can get some discounted sports goods.

Now that you plan to convert your garage into a fitness room, you can use it every day. You are definitely going to save on your gym memberships and also never have an excuse of a busy schedule for not working out. Congratulations for a great investment for your home and a healthy lifestyle.

Make sure that working out stays as much fun and appealing so that you can stay focused and disciplined with your workouts.

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