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How Do You Lower Cholesterol Without Medication?

How Do You Lower Cholesterol Without Medication?

Is it really possible? Yes it is. Lowering cholesterol naturally is just as effective as using prescription drugs. You can reduce your intake of saturated fats and trans fats, increase your intake of HDL “good cholesterol” foods, and exercise more. Doing these three things alone can make a huge impact in your lifestyle and improve your overall health. Not only will you have a healthier heart; you will have a better life, and have a greater chance of living longer till your golden ages.

To avoid suffering from heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular diseases related to high cholesterol, you can also take natural cholesterol busting supplements as well as vitamins and nutrients to boost your immune system. Heart failure due to high cholesterol levels is something you shouldn’t brush off your shoulders and laugh about; right now the leading cause of death in the States is heart attack and you shouldn’t want to be included in this statistics.

So first you should get yourself checked to confirm if you have high cholesterol. Your doctor would most probably prescribe statins to lower your cholesterol, but talk to him about natural options. You can then take steps to lower your cholesterol at home. You can observe how your body is managing your fat elimination by checking your feces. If it floats, then it means it has a high amount of fat in it eliminated from your body; but if it sinks, it means it has very little fat, which could indicate that your body has absorbed most of the fats you have eaten. If this is the case, then it’s a sign that you should eat more soluble fibers to soak up the fats and cholesterol in your body in order to be flushed out from your system the next time you go potty.

It is recommended to eat 57-147g of oatmeal per day or 10-30g of psyllium husks or 2-3 apples (or pears). An alternative is also to eat at least 100-150g of legumes. You can supplement this by taking artichoke leaf extract, de-ionized garlic, or red yeast rice to reduce more of the cholesterol in your body. Many people also swear by the benefits of fish oil in lowering their cholesterol.

Dieting, exercising, and taking natural supplements for lower cholesterol have various cardiovascular and general health benefits, and have a lasting effect on your health. For a healthier heart and a better lifestyle, all of these should be part of your daily regimen. You really don’t have to take expensive prescription drugs that have numerous side effects. You can rather treat and manage your cholesterol level through natural means. It’s easy as the three simple steps mentioned above. Even doctors advice these healthy ways to feel better, avoid illnesses, especially heart diseases, and hence prolong and improve the quality of your life.

Now you know that treating cholesterol naturally is indeed effective, you can start applying these suggested answers to the question, “how do you lower cholesterol without medication,” to improve your health.