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Diabetes From the Men’s Perspective

Diabetes From the Men’s Perspective

The symptoms of type 2 diabetes are quite standard for both men and women. Around 90% of all diabetic patients in the world have type 2 diabetes which only emphasizes how prevalent and alarming it has been not only for adults but for children as well who are catching up in the latest statistics. Though the number of men and women suffering from this disease may not be far from each other, it has been said that men are more at risk in getting this disease than women.

One of the most recent studies that could explain why men especially in middle age could suffer more frequently from type 2 diabetes than women is due to storing more fat in more risky areas in the body. While women are also accumulating body fat, they are mainly located in the hip and thigh areas which are less contributory to the rise in glucose level that causes type 2 diabetes. Men, meanwhile, have more fat found in rather unsafe body parts such as in the liver and abdomen. This means that men are biologically more prone to developing type 2 diabetes due to fat being distributed in these harmful locations in the body.

The difference between men and women with type 2 diabetes does not stop there. Mortality rates are also noted to be more unfavorable towards women than men. However, further studies are still needed to prove and understand why men with diabetes have lower death rates than women. As for now, available studies show how men are more in control of the disease due to some behavioral differences from women. While women may feel greatly affected mentally and emotionally by the symptoms and risks of this disease, men are seen to be more composed and less worrisome by diabetes. This shows how men could handle stress better when it comes to diabetes while women often experience depression during this difficult time.

However, men are slightly less active in educating themselves about diabetes than women who participate more in the health forums and self-care sessions. The low level of awareness of men regarding this disease must be sufficiently addressed by the government, health institutions and companies where they are employed. With proper education, men can further prevent diabetes from getting worse that could cut their lives short. If not handled properly, men could suffer from cardiovascular diseases that were said to be a common risk of having type 2 diabetes.

Since men tend to be more at risk, they have to be more active in their lifestyle instead of just lounging in the sofa every night. Exercise needs to be a daily routine to ensure that they are not getting overweight or obese that could worsen their condition. A diet plan, though a challenging task, has to be instilled in their everyday lives to control the level of glucose in the body. Exercise and diet routines shall effectively guide them towards a safer and healthier lifestyle living with this type 2 diabetes.