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Could Medicare Help With Your Diabetes Supplies?

Could Medicare Help With Your Diabetes Supplies?

There are millions of people in the United States alone that live with diabetic complications. So many secondary insurance companies have cut back on the number of patients they support because of a lack of funds in many states. This has left many with this disease to wonder how they will be able to pay for all of their doctor visits and Diabetic testing supplies on what little they make. The question then arises if Medicare will cover these expenses? The answer is yes, they will but of course, there are restrictions. Medicare only covers those who qualify for their part B coverage.

Medicare will pay for two Diabetic screenings per year for those persons who are at a high risk of obtaining the disease, so long as they have one or more of the following symptoms: obesity, a high blood sugar level, high blood pressure, and abnormally high levels of cholesterol. Medicare will cover up to 80 % of the cost of monitors, testing strips, and lancets. It is up to the patient, however to provide the other 20% after the deductible has been added to their part B coverage. There is also a Diabetes Self-Management Course that qualifying persons can take at the request of their doctor. For those 65 and older, which have not had a recent eye exam, Medicare will cover the cost of an eye exam to determine if the patient does have a diabetic condition along with one year of free follow-up care for any condition that had been diagnosed under that one exam.

It is important to note that Medicare will cover their share of a patient’s glucose supplies regardless of whether or not that patient is taking insulin. To request your supplies through Medicare you must follow these steps. When you call make sure to first tell them that you have been diagnosed with Diabetes. Then, request the desired amount of testing strips and lancets you will need for a one months supply. Also, you will need to specify what type of monitor you will need to use. Let them know if you do use insulin or not, and clarify with the company how many times you should test.

Lastly, know for certain if you really need to test your glucose level on a daily basis. Make sure that all of your supplies are being used responsibly and that your testing monitor is kept free of dust. Keep a record of how many times a day you test your blood sugar levels and what the results of each test are. Medicare will also cover the cost of therapeutic shoes for those with diabetes. This goes for all recipients of Medicare Part B coverage.