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Adult Onset Diabetes

Adult Onset Diabetes

Diabetes is an often complicated disease that can develop in many different ways. There are several types of diabetes, and each has its own triggers, symptoms, and issues. The onset of diabetes can happen any time, though some types of diabetes usually happen at certain times and with different effects.

For example, gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. Women that get pregnant can also get diabetes. Often, this type of diabetes will subside after the baby is born, but during the course of the pregnancy, the diabetes should be treated and paid careful attention to so that it does not cause adverse health issues for either the mother or the fetus.

Type II diabetes is often called adult onset diabetes. This diabetes is often caused by dietary and weight issues. People that consume too many simple carbohydrates and eat an unbalanced diet will find themselves at increased risk for adult onset diabetes. Type II diabetes develops over time, and is characterized by the pancreas still producing insulin, but the body being unable to respond to it or process it correctly or normally. The good news about Type II diabetes is that it can quite often be controlled with diet and exercise. Adjusting how you eat in order to cut down on your carbohydrates and sugars intake will correct some of the problems and help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. Exercise also helps with your weight and improves how the body processes the insulin.

Diabetes is a complicated disease, but it can be managed and controlled so that you can live a happy, healthy and full life after onset. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, make sure to talk to your doctor to find out how best to care for yourself after onset.