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Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes – Have Serious Concern

Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes – Have Serious Concern

The warning symptoms of type 1 diabetes are many. However, you cannot easily guess that the ailment has occupied the delicate body of your child. If at all your child is suspected to show any of the symptoms, an immediate counseling is mandatory. It is to be noted that high blood sugar symptom is not in the main stream because teenagers sometimes posing obesity have been diagnosed with higher levels of blood sugar. It can be sometimes a case of pre diabetes but mostly it is just nothing to be worried.

However, it is warned that keeping safe measures by consulting your doctor will usually be paying for better corners. So, you must be aware of the following warning symptoms of diabetes.

Excessive fatigue: Becoming fatigue due to strained work can be a normal process whereas getting fatigue for no obvious reason cannot be justified. It may probably be an instance of diabetic condition. Due to insufficient or non secretion of insulin in the pancreas causes blood glucose to get entry in the blood stream. This results in lack of energy production from the food intake. The body suffers thus a down trodden condition of excessive fatigue.

Excessive hunger: After consuming food, it should be proceed for energy production in the cellular structure. But sometimes it happens that the non absorption of the glucose into the blood cells causes energy degeneration. Naturally, this condition is followed by hunger for eating frequently with type 1 diabetes.

Frequent urination: The saturated glucose which remains not absorbed by the beta cells gets stagnant and stored for no use. There is a natural pressure of modulation in the body mechanism to expel the storage of glucose through urine. When you are diabetic, the accumulation of glucose being a continuous process necessitates the body to clear off through frequent urination.

Excessive thirst: When there is frequent urination, the body gets dehydrated. This in turn results in excessive thirst for water.

Weight loss: When the glucose extract of consumed food stays lazy without being utilized for conversion to bodily energy, the stagnation finds its way out through urine and the consequence will be body weight loss with diabetes type 1.

Unhealed wounds: This is a sure and serious symptom of type 1 diabetes. This happens when the immune power gets collapsed due to the blood stream being polluted with blood sugar. So, a normal time to heal the wounds is distorted and sometimes the wounds become septic leading to amputation.