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How to Raise HDL Cholesterol – 5 Simple Ways to Reclaim Your Health

How to Raise HDL Cholesterol – 5 Simple Ways to Reclaim Your Health

There are several things that you can do to raise HDL cholesterol levels. HDLs are sometimes thought of as the good guys, because they help to gather up fatty acids in the bloodstream and transport them to parts of the body where they can be used or disposed of. Evidence suggests that they may be able to break up artery clogging plaques.

So, here’s how to increase your HDLs.


Several studies have shown that regular physical activity helps to increase HDLs. But, athletes are not always that healthy. The health benefits of exercise vary depending on a person’s diet.


There are a number of different dietary recommendations and opinions about which ones work best. The strongest evidence points towards lowering total fat intake, increasing protein intake and cutting out trans-fatty acids completely.

Although the molecular activity of the trans-fatty acids in the bloodstream is still being investigated, one thing is clear. They are not broken down or metabolized as quickly as other fats. So, they are more likely to become oxidized or hardened in the arteries.

Unlike other kinds of dietary fat, trans-fatty acids are not natural and not necessary for life. Read the label of ingredients. If it contains partially hydrogenated oil, then it contains trans-fat, no matter what the label says. US manufacturers are allowed to include as much as a half gram of partially hydrogenated oil and still label the food as being free of trans-fats.

Cutting out trans-fats will help raise HDL cholesterol levels, because eating them lowers the number of HDLs and raises LDLs.

Don’t Smoke

Nicotine and other chemicals in cigarette smoke cause increased blood pressure and raises total cholesterol

levels. So, there’s another good reason to quit, in case you needed one.

Drink only in Moderation

A drink of alcohol per day may raise HDL cholesterol levels, but too much will result in higher total levels, which is unhealthy, too. In addition, alcohol is hard on the liver, which is where a great deal of metabolic activity occurs. A poorly functioning liver means more difficulty losing weight and bad overall health.

Take Some Good Supplements

Omega-3 fish oil has been shown to lower total blood triglycerides at doses of 3000-4000mg per day. Phytosterols, which are plant components found in soy and other foods, are cholesterol-like compounds that help prevent cholesterol’s absorption in the digestive system.

Good fats found in rice bran, pumpkin seed and lecithin can help raise HDL cholesterol levels. Selenium, chromium and other antioxidants can help prevent the oxidation or calcification of fats in the bloodstream. Vitamin D has proven to be beneficial for that and other purposes, as well. Most people don’t get enough of it.

Theaflavins and catechins, which are antioxidants found in the common tea plant (camellia sinensis), have been shown to lower LDL levels, the bad kind, and raise HDL cholesterol levels, too. Some of the better cholesterol-reducing supplements contain a number of these ingredients, as well as others. So, it is possible to balance cholesterol levels, without statin drugs.