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Safe Snacks To Eat When You Are Diabetic

Safe Snacks To Eat When You Are Diabetic

Do you ever wonder what snacks are safe to eat when you are trying hard to control your diabetes? It can be a real puzzle to try to figure out. Here are a few great suggestions that will make picking a snack much simpler.

When you are choosing your snacks, always try to limit them to 150 calories or less. You do not want your snacks turning into actual meals, so limiting yourself in this way will keep that from happening.

It is important to read the nutritional label on that low-fat snack you are about to eat. Just because it is labeled low-fat does not make it healthy. Check it out to see if there is any real nutrition in it and what they put in to substitute for the fat they took out.

Whenever you are having a snack, take the time to put it on a plate first. It is so easy to overeat if you just snack directly out of the package. In addition, plating your snack will help you to slow down and actually savor your food instead of mindlessly chomping through it while you are doing something else. You are then likely to feel satisfied by that snack for a longer period of time.

To help you control your portions, try purchasing the prepackaged single-serving snack bags that are so popular nowadays. This way you will be sure to only eat the available portion and not keep dipping into the package for just one more bite.

A great snack that is healthy and will keep you satisfied for a good while is a handful of nuts. The high protein content coupled with some fat both work together to keep you satiated longer.

A great snack for diabetics is a little bit of peanut butter on whole-grain crackers. You have a perfect ratio of carbs, protein and fat in this easy to prepare and delicious snack.

If you feel the urge for a crunchy snack and some dip, reach for fresh vegetables and hummus dip. The vegetables are nutritious and low calorie, and the hummus provides lots of protein and less fat than chip dip.

A good way to fill yourself up in between meals is to sip a cup of vegetable soup. It is warm, tasty and the high water content makes you feel fuller faster.

If you simply must indulge in some high-fat, high-calorie or sugary food, make sure you only eat a tiny portion of it. You can buy single bite-sized portions of things like dark chocolate, cheesecake and brownies to have on hand for just these cravings.

Make yourself a fruit and protein smoothie for a snack and get a high-protein snack full of calcium and vitamins.

Another great way to eat fruit as a snack is to freeze it. Frozen grapes or bananas make a tasty frozen treat to satisfy a sweet tooth.

A great protein and carb balanced snack is a piece of fruit and string cheese. This is a perfect bedtime snack to keep your blood sugars stable throughout the night.

If you have a strong craving for some chocolate, have a sugar-free fudge pop. At only 80 calories, this is a guilt-free and delicious option.

It is important to include snacks as part of your meal plan when you have diabetes. They help to keep your blood sugars steady throughout the day and overnight while you are sleeping. Try out some of the snack suggestions you just learned here, and you will be making smarter and healthier snack choices.