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Fantasy Football Trophy

Now there are games that can meet the hobby football fans around the world his name is Fantasy Football. In this game we can create his own team that the players we pick your own. Well, because this game will last a full year, it would be nice if we played from the beginning of the season. Of course, this game will not take a lot of time like play games like Football Manager managerial. More great again this game is also presented fantasy football trophy, or fantasy football trophies, or sometimes fantasy football plaque, there is also a fantasy football award as a prize winner.

What about Fantasy Premier League? Fantasy Premier League is an online game created by the Barclays Premier League, as a complement to the excitement of welcoming a new season 2011/2012 English Premier League. Playing into the Barclays Premier League manager of the team is exciting. In addition to testing the managerial skills of a football team, Fantasy Premier League also the arena ‘shine’ to us as a manager for the team that we manage will compete to be the best in the world, the country of origin of our fans is based on club and peers by creating a league personal how to invite them into a private league that we make.

The material we created a team player who can come from any team in the EPL. But there is a limit, which is the total price of the player amounts to $ 100M. Looks a lot this amount of money, but with that much money you are required to choose 15 players consisting of two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders, and 3 striker, so you should be quite carefully observing potential players. For consideration, you also have to understand this game. We do not need to play any games, because the standings will be determined based on the points each player in our team, where points are obtained from their performance in the real world. Who gave the value of the players? The answer is the Press Association in the UK there, working independently.

In addition to selecting a player, you can also determine the formation of your team by selecting players available, and the formation will change by itself based on the natural position of your players.

Those who want to follow, follow the steps below to register this way =

  1. go to the Fantasy Premier League site
  2. select SIGN UP
  3. fill in the registration form in full! 

    confirm password-> both should be the same

    E-mail address
    confirm email address-> both are filled with the same

    Postcode / Zip-> adjust the zip codes in your area 

  4. after the form is complete, click CONTINUE, followed by filling the last data (select your favorite team)
  5. Furthermore, the GRAPHICAL VIEW page, you are asked to draw DREAM TEAM. select 15 players within the rules. 15 players should not come from the same club
    You can only select a maximum of three players from the same club. if completed, at the bottom of the GRAPHICAL VIEW will appear SAVE button to save su click SAVE!
  6. One final league joined the group as desired. select menu Leagues (on the left). select the Create / Join. and enter the code
  7. completed. Logout out through the menu!
  • You please register first at
  • After you register will give the name of the team. after that you will form a team that can not exceed the available funds (100 million).

How to Make a Fantasy Premier League Team

  • Once you register at, please choose the player in the squad selection
  • Then select the desired player by clicking on the player’s name, you can also use Player Filter to select players according to position, the origin of the club, as well as other filter supplied
  • Remember you are only given a budget of 100 million pounds and a maximum of three players from the same club
  • When finished selecting a player, then fill in TEAM NAME match what you want
  • Tick the small box next to the words “I confirm that I have read …..”
  • Then press ENTER YOUR TEAM
  • Fantasy Premier League Team have been successfully created