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Essential Oils for Psoriasis

                The usage of Essential Oils for Psoriasis is starting to become more well-known and used more often than times in the past and this is because of how well some of these oils work and the fact that they are natural and don’t have many if any side effects.

                The usage of Helichrysum Essential oil has been found to be very effective in the treatment of Psoriasis.  It can be helpful in healing damaged skin you may have from your Psoriasis and in helping to reduce the inflammation you get associated with Psoriasis.

                You can use Chamomile Essential oil to treat your Psoriasis outbreak from infection prevention to treating the itching sensations you get during an outbreak.  It helps to increase white bloods cells within your body.  While it heals your damaged skin, and moisturizing your skin it also improves the skin elasticity too.

                   The usage Sandalwood Essential oil is a very powerful tool that can be used to treat Psoriasis and because of its anti-inflammatory and astringent capabilities it helps to reduce soreness and itching you may have associated with your current outbreak.  It is also a very good moisturizer for your skin to heals makes the skin feel fuller instead of dry in those damaged areas of skin.

                You can use Geranium Essential oil to treat your Psoriasis.  It is most helpful in rejuvenating damaged tissues of skin and is now one of the most widely used Essential oil used for the treatment of Psoriasis.

                The usage of Juniper Essential oil in the treatment of Psoriasis outbreaks has been found to be very beneficial to individuals that have used it.  It is most beneficial to be used to help with the circulation and purification of blood.

                You can use Rosemary essential oil to treat your Psoriasis outbreak and it can be very effective in treatment for Psoriasis in giving the individual needed comfort from its effects.  This essential oil is packed with antioxidants to help the skin in giving it the structure and support it needs while also prevention future skin damaged associated with your Psoriasis outbreak.

                Melrose Essential oil is also a very effective and beneficial tool in the Essential oil arsenal to be used for the treatment of Psoriasis.  This Essential oil is effective in regeneration of damaged skin tissues while also providing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic capabilities to keep away infection and reducing inflammation that mat be occurring. For more information about essential oils from psoriasis can read here: