Avoiding Trans Fats to Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels and Reduce the Risks of Heart Disease

An increasing number of people all over the world are facing severe health problems due to their increasing cholesterol levels. As a result, it has now been realized that unless people become aware of the health problems associated with rising cholesterol levels it will be difficult to eradicate this problem completely. Dieticians agree that in recent times it has become increasingly difficult for people to monitor their diet regularly largely because of their hectic lifestyle. More importantly, people have become heavily dependent on fast foods that are easy to prepare and harmful for the health.

Doctors suggest that people with high cholesterol levels should avoid foods that contain hydrogenated content or Trans Fats. These are mostly found in foods such as snacks, cookies, fried foods and cakes. These foods are quite similar to the saturated fats that raise cholesterol levels considerably. It is therefore important to make sure that people with high cholesterol levels avoid these foods at all times. On special occasions, they can ensure that their cholesterol levels remain under check by preparing these foodstuffs at home, taking into account the recommendations of their dietician.

For normal people, it is extremely important to make sure that the cholesterol consumption remains below 300 mg per day. For people with cholesterol problems, however, this limit has to be further lowered to 200 mg per day. Instead of curbing hunger, it is a good idea to go for fresh fruits and vegetables. Seasonal fruits can be eaten at regular intervals. For working people, it is always advisable to prepare juice from fresh fruits to be taken while they are on the move. It as to be remembered that cholesterol problem can start affecting anybody at any point of time. Therefore, going for a wholesome diet is the best option.

By lucille