What Leads to Diabetes Complications

What Leads to Diabetes Complications

A terrible disease that many Americans face, as well as millions of people around the world, is diabetes. There are two types of diabetes that are classified as diabetes type I and diabetes type II. Each one revolves around insulin not being pumped into the blood. Though type I is more of a birth defect in the body and type II is usually brought on by being overweight, there are multiple diabetes complications that arise when someone comes down with this affliction.

Heart attacks and developing heart disease much easier is a direct result from having diabetes. Because the blood flow in the body works at a higher level when blood sugars run low, people with diabetes must watch their target numbers when testing themselves. When high blood pressure compounded by diabetes makes the heart work on overdrive, people suffer from the risk of having a heart attack.

Diabetic neuropathies are another kind of complication that is brought on by this condition. To put it in simpler terms, diabetes affects the nerve endings in the body. Over time, this can cause someone to lose feeling in their extremities, feel pins and needles, and make parts of the body ache. People who do not manage their blood sugar well while dealing with this condition are in a higher risk category.

Another complication that arises from fighting daily against diabetes is diabetic retinopathy. This is when not controlling blood sugar affects the retinas in our eyeballs. When too much sugar is in the blood for an extended period of time, the tiny blood vessels in the back of the eye or retina become inundated with larger blood cells. This causes an overflow of large blood vessels in the back of the eye that leads to poor vision and eventually, blindness.

When diabetes sets in, blood flow is restricted because insulin allows oxygen and sugar to penetrate the cells. In cases of men battling diabetes, these restrictions in blood flow can also lead to erectile dysfunction. “E.D.” as it is known means a man has trouble getting sexually aroused and can’t perform in the bedroom. For many men who don’t know they have diabetes, this can be a warning sign that pre-diabetes may be setting in.

Diabetes complications arise because people do not monitor their blood sugar levels properly. When blood sugar is too high or low, certain problems arise in the body. These problems include heart disease and heart attacks, stroke, nerve damage, going blind, erectile dysfunction, and the loss of the limbs. Battling diabetes does not mean a person can’t live a normal life, they just must be extra careful to avoid these complications.

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