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Trace your ancestry with your DNA

DNA allows a variety of tests that help people in different situations in their lives. For example, if someone wants to know if they are someone else’s father they can get a home paternity test. One of the most exciting and fun uses of your DNA is to trace your ancestors’ origins. Historians have discovered that thousands of years ago, various groups of people migrated from one continent to another, forming the populations known today. As in siblings DNA testing, laboratories compare your genetic markers with a database to determine which continent your ancestors came from. The report includes the cities where your ancestors met and which groups of people they mingled with. This amusing information about your past helps uncover why you are the way you are. Are you ready to learn about your ancestors and discover their history?

How do I get the results?

The laboratory will send you a kit with everything you need to take saliva samples for this test. Once you send the samples to the lab, the genetic markers in your DNA will be compared against a database of 80,000 autosomal genetic markers, over 1,000 population types, and 41 genetic data pools. For example, perhaps you live in Europe, but after taking this test, you realise that your ancestors came from the United States, settled in the United Kingdom, and then migrated to the country where you live today. You will also receive a description of the population your DNA belongs to. You might discover that you come from a community of brave knights who fought during the Middle Ages, or that your ancestors were the first to sail the world’s oceans. The possibilities are endless.

Why would you need this test?

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong somewhere? People don’t understand that a part of a person’s DNA is transferred to their children. When the laboratory sends you the test results, it not only mentions which population you belong to but also shows you the characteristics of that population. Although this test has a purely informative purpose, people will eventually understand why they tend to prefer certain activities that their friends do not. Do you feel lost and purposeless? Although it is not a motivational tool, knowing your ancestors can help you make better decisions about your present, pulling you out of the emptiness you fell. There are many uses for the information in this test. For example, you may discover that you are a descendant of an important person.