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How to Use AEDS Automated external defibrillators are the full meaning of AEDs.It is a small device with the size of a laptop that is used for medical emergencies. Some of these medical predicaments are cardiac arrest and the heart stopping to beat.When a patient suffers cardiac arrest, their hearts experiences ventricular fibrillation. This ventricular fibrillation is controlled by shocking the heart with electric shock. To shock the heart of the victim to its normal rhythm, an AED can be used. Patients survival chances increases by 70% when an AED is used to control the arrests. The AED machine contains two pads. Here are some illustration on how to use an AED to a cardiac arrest victim. Bring the AED machine to the patient’s bed side and turn it on. This can be done through lifting the lid of the machine and pressing the on and off button. Ensure that the power source unit is intact. After turning on the AED machine follow the guidelines as instructed. The machine will guide you on how and when to place the pads on the naked skin of the victim. One pad is placed on the right upper side of the chest of the patient and the other one under the left chest of the patient.When you have done all that it is time to insert the connector to the AED. Note that some AED pads are rewired to the AED machine. Make sure that while doing all the above there is no one else touching the victim. It is good to ensure that the area is clear and the patient has enough oxygen. Someone else touching the patients might end up experiencing a shock. They can become unconscious if they get the shock. While treating a victim you do not wish to have another one altogether.Press the shock button to deliver the shock once you clear the area. Fully automated will automatically supply the shock AEDs that are computerized will automatically deliver the shocks. The automatic external defibrillator will instruct you do a pulmonary resuscitation starting with the compressions of the chest when the shocks are delivered.
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As long as you follow the instruction correctly AEDs are easy to use. This is since when the AEDs are turned on, they give audio and textual guidelines. There are no dangers or effects of using AEDs.This because of the built in protection mechanism they have.AEDs helps save lives of heart attack patients. It is vital to get help from a medical professional if there is need to use mobile AEDs in your house.This will help in the proper execution of the machine. Lots of doctors in different health centers widely use this AED machine. AEDs have successfully been used to regulate the rhythm of the heart. Remember that when a person’s heart is working normally, you cannot use AEDs.3 Tips Tips from Someone With Experience