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Exactly What Does Your Pee Tell You About Your State of Health?

Exactly What Does Your Pee Tell You About Your State of Health?

The items that you drink and eat will result in waste materials and dissolved toxins that wind up in your urine, along with water, which is the other primary element contained in your urine. Your urine will likely also contain the dead cells that your body will naturally expel this way. Light yellow is the typical color that urine will be. You should realize that a change in urine color may be an indication of an underlying health problem. When you notice that your urine is a different color, keep in mind that these colors may be cause for concern.

Excess diuretics, including coffee and beer, will cause urine to be transparent or extremely clear. There is no need to make an appointment with your physician, when you notice this color urine the morning after you and your friends have been doing some drinking.

If you should notice a reddish or pink tint to your urine, you will want to have this checked out. Internal bleeding is one of the common causes for urine to take on this color. Reddish or pink urine can be an indication of a bladder infection, kidney stones, or small bladder stones, and your doctor should be consulted so he/she can evaluate you. Urine this color may also result from a bladder or kidney injury.

Certain drugs will cause your urine to take on a green tint. If you notice that your urine appears green, and you are not on any medications, then this could be a symptom of a urinary tract infection or bile issue. Urine can also appear green when there is an excess of B vitamins in your body.

When an individual is suffering from a severe liver condition, the urine will typically appear brown. Brown urine can also be an indication of hepatitis, melanoma cancer, and copper poisoning, as well as a condition of the liver. If you have eaten fava beans, or taken a laxative recently, the brown urine that you are observing may be caused by this, and therefore, is no cause for concern.

Yellow urine will generally result from a fluid deficit. Dehydration may be a problem for you, if you notice that you are feeling swollen or bloated, along with the yellow urine.