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Before heading again to Portugal to complete my graduate research, I stopped by my favourite health food retailer, Elm Health which now has a new handy location within the West Village on 7th Avenue between 13th and 14th Street in New York City. What’s new is the growing amounts of greenhouse gases (scientifically measured with considerable precision) and their accumulation in the environment (scientifically measured) which are more and more contributing to global warming. Diabetes, cancers, and different noncommunicable illnesses that once predominantly stricken prosperous nations are on the rise in developing countries and a menace to global economic improvement. …

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Recently one among my older relative developed Heart illness and was suggested by the Doctor to evaluation and make changes in his Diet. This won’t be such a good idea, however, since processed meats are thought to be harmful to well being if they’re eaten too usually. Some premium varieties of processed dog foods will include important fatty acids, carbohydrates with adequate fiber contents, nutritional vitamins like A, D, E and B advanced nutritional vitamins; nevertheless, many won’t.

I nonetheless passionately believe that everyone deserves sound details about their bodies and well being, food and the world we live in. …