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The Health Benefits of Ashitaba Tea Kenko Ashitaba is grown in the Pristine Islands of Southern Japan and is known for its healing benefits. The Ashitaba plant contains numerous vitamins, 13 minerals, proteins, saponins, fibers and coumarins which have contributed to its wide use across many countries in the world. Research done in Indonesia, Japan, and China on the health benefits of the Ashitaba leaves has shown that the health benefits of this plant are numerous. Health Benefits of Ashitaba Plant Leaves Boosts the Immune System The leaves of Ashitaba plant contain vitamin C which is important to the immune system. Vitamin C is useful for strengthening the immunity and hence minimizes the occurrence of any diseases.
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Controls the levels of Blood Sugar and Prevents Diabetes
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The saponin in the Ashitaba Leaves helps in controlling the blood sugar levels. Saponin replaces the sugar that the body requires, with a good sugar type. Once the blood sugar level has been controlled; diabetes can be avoided as the result. Regulates Blood Pressure There are some mechanisms that are associated with Ashitaba’s property in Blood Pressure Regulation. Ashitaba has Chalcones which have the diuretic function of lowering the high blood pressure. The plant also contains Potassium mineral which regulates the heart muscle contraction and blood pressure. Prevention of Cancer The Ashitaba Leaves contain an antioxidant with the xanthoangelol content. The Xantoangelol antioxidants help in fighting the cancer-causing free radicles. It can help in the prevention of duodenal, stomach, and skin cancers. Acts as Anti-inflammatory Agent The Ashitaba leaves contain Chalcones which brings about the anti-inflammatory effect to the body. It has the health benefit of preventing inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid and arthritis. Prevention of Dementia, Parkinson, and Alzheimer’s disease Ashitaba leaves contain a substance that is responsible for increasing the production of nerve growth factor. The protein in these leaves brings the benefit to prevent the named diseases by its mechanism which can minimize nerve degeneration. The nerve growth factor ensure the healthy connection between the brain and nerves. Aids in Constipation prevention The chalcones found in the Ashitaba have the health benefit of preventing constipation. The chalcones act like laxative agents and facilitate smooth digestion. Helps in Increasing the Good Cholesterol and reduce LDL The Ashitaba leaves contain high fiber content which reduces the LDL as well as increase HDL. Aids in the Premenstrual Syndrome The chalcones substance found in Ashitaba helps in reducing dysmenorrhea. To bring comfort during premenstrual syndrome, the Ashitaba leaves can be consumed. The above are some of the health advantages of the Ashitaba plant. To get the full benefit of Ashitaba, you only need to consume one-half teaspoon daily. The dried and crushed leaves are dissolved in water that is boiled to 140 degrees. It can also be added to juices, and other smoothies.